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Have you been looking for a sports chiropractor or physical therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina or Fort Mill, SC? Look no further because at Carolina Sports Clinic we are committed to providing you with personalized, comprehensive care using the latest, most innovative techniques for sports medicine. You can see all of our available services by clicking on the services tab in the menu. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and symptoms and restore full function to get you back to the active lifestyle that you deserve!

Carolina Sports Clinic’s personable, caring doctors and staff treat everyone of all ages with the same high level of care, regardless of whether you are an NFL player, avid biker, have had an injury, or are someone that is simply tired of living with pain. Since our team of specialists work together, you can be assured that we will direct you to the specific professional in our clinic that will address your individual needs. This combination of care is what makes Carolina Sports Clinic a leader in sports chiropractic and physical therapy in the Charlotte area!