Men: We recommend wearing compression shorts, or similar style underwear.

Ladies: Your standard every-day underwear will be fine.

All patients must be DRY! If you are coming in after a workout, please bring dry underwear to wear inside the chamber!

NO metal - includes jewelry, piercings, and underwires.
***We will provide you with warm socks, protective shoes, and gloves.***


Muscle Recovery
Inflammation Reduction
Increased Circulation
Improved Mobility
Pain Reduction
Caloric Burn
Increased Metabolism
Maximize Energy
Elevated Muscular Endurance
Performance Enhancement
Collagen Boost

When should I use it?

This is the most common question we get when introducing a new athlete (if you move, you are an athlete!) to WBC. All athletes train differently, and recover differently. It can be used before a training session to energize and give the athlete that extra push during the work out, or used 30-60min after the workout to reset, refresh, and spark the recovery process. OR BOTH! Continued usage over time is ideal - 6 to 10 sessions produce optimal results.

How cold is it? When do I warm up?

No doubt, negative 170 to 230 degrees is VERY COLD. However, unlike a wet ice bath, the athlete is only floating in a DRY cloud of cold Nitrogen gas. While the last minute can be very challenging, because the process is completely dry, the athlete warms up immediately after stepping out of the chamber. An ice bath can leave you frigid and shivering for a significant amount of time afterwards.

Athletic Recovery

Athletes have been a driving force behind the growth of Whole-Body Cryotherapy. Game-time or race success is dependent upon their body’s ability to train, recover and perform. WBC provides the most effective and convenient treatment that gives these athletes a competitive advantage. Within a short time, the majority of athletic training departments will be delivering WBC to their athletes with Cryo Saunas.

Cryotherapy is a safe, effective, and EXHILARATING way to recover from sport, training, or any joint/muscle pain!

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

While WBC is still an emerging technology in the United States, it has been around for decades. Elite athletes have been using WBC to recover and prepare for matches, races, and training for a long time – and now you can have access to the same technology the pros use. NBA/NFL/NHL teams, Pro Cycling Teams, MMA Fighters, International Soccer Players and more are seeing maximum results in both recovery, and in in-competition performance from WBC.

Our state-of-the-art Cryo Sauna is the latest in Cryotherapy technology. We only us U.S. designed and built systems with our patients, ensuring the best in safety, performance, and control. 

Pain Management

Cryotherapy is a safe and natural pain therapy that can be customized to your needs, goals and pain issues. Cryotherapy works for pain by eliciting the body’s “fight or flight” response , which stimulates the production of endorphins, thus decreasing the body’s perception of symptomatic pain. Cryotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other management techniques such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy, which enhances the effectiveness and maximizes the benefits. Chronic pain can be a frustrating and debilitating condition, so put your pain on ice, with Cryotherapy.

Beauty & Wellness

During Cryotherapy treatment the skin vessels and capillaries undergo a period of vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) followed by vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels) upon finishing the session. These causes Toxins stored in the layers of the skin to be broken down and flushed away. The intense cold (-270) activates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, leaving your skin firm and tight. After several treatments clients have noticed the skin becoming smoother and more even toned with regained elasticity and improved overall “youthful” feeling. A reduction in the appearance of cellulite and an increase of the skins elasticity has also be seen in repeated sessions, which that Cryotherapy’s anti-aging benefits.

How does it work?

Once you are in your protective clothing, you will step into the Cryo Sauna. Once you’re comfortably inside, our Clinical Assistant will activate the sauna and be there to answer any questions as well as update you on your progress throughout your session.  The exposure time in the Cryo Sauna is a quick THREE MINUTES, where we progressively lower the ambient temperature in the chamber to a range between -170 and  -230 F.

This short exposure to subzero temperatures causes the body to go into a ‘Fight or Flight’ mode. The body retracts blood from the less important extremities to protect the core and vital organs. The body prepares to fix any potentially damaged vital organs by pushing more oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients into the blood.  After “the freeze” enriched blood flows back into the rest of the body, accelerating cell renewal in tissues and skin. While there, the blood is enriched with fresh oxygenated red blood cells and nutrients. Once the athlete steps out of the Cryo Sauna, that replenished blood is rushed out to the extremities, muscles, joints, and problem areas to reduce inflammation and expedite recovery. The process also releases endorphins, energizes the body, and ignites the metabolism.