Igli carbon insoles - The dynamic mechanism of action for versatile and effective therapy.

Igli carbon insoles combine conservative and interactive mechanisms in a unique shoe insole system. Deformities of the foot can be corrected, stress on the locomotor system can be reduced and biomechanics can be optimized with igli carbon insoles.

  • The carbon clip supports the arch of the foot. Special incisions in the carbon ensure that the natural movement of the foot is preserved.
  • The postings are positioned individually. They support the arch of the foot, correct the foot position and activate the muscles.
  • The comfort cushion absorbs shock and specifically distributes pressure over the entire sole of the foot.

The concept of igli carbon insoles can be applied individually in the course of therapy for many different indications. By applying specific postings, the various blanks can have a stronger cushioning, supporting or correcting effect, depending on the desired therapeutic outcome and requirements.

Custom Orthotics