At RITTER Sports Performance, we offer Nutrition Services to improve your health and performance. We offer a wide-range of services suitable for the needs of individuals, couples or families of all ages. Our approach is to teach and support you or your family to make the best nutrition-based choices to be healthy, optimize performance and succeed. We coach athletes and clients in the Greater Charlotte area and also offer online options for nutrition coaching. Our comprehensive approach provides effective programming, coaching and encouragement for individuals, families and teams to achieve success. We are driven to give you the best program and coaching experience possible. Discover the difference of RITTERSP. 

You are only as good as what you feed your body. To give you insight on your health and wellness, nutrition services begin with an initial nutrition consultation which will provide you with an analysis of your current nutrition status. Are you feeling sluggish, not achieving performance goals, or have you unsuccessfully tried to change your weight? We will assess your goals, the nutritional adequacy of your current diet for your goals, as well as your weight and body composition. We will determine adequate calorie and macronutrient needs and you will receive coaching on how to optimize your diet to achieve performance goals and adapt healthy, sustainable habits to maintain health. You may also receive coaching on topics such as: fueling strategies and food selection, supplement use, weight loss/gain, disordered eating, food intolerances, or other topics as needs require. Our goal is to give you the power to make the best nutrition choices for yourself.

After your initial assessment and during your consultation, you'll learn the best Nutrition Package for you to continue establishing effective habits to reach your goals. All packages include a meal and/or snack plan to provide concrete, specific guidance to assist in daily food selection (the extent the plan is personalized and number of days varies depending on the package). We will provide a customized food plan specific to your calorie and macronutrient needs, including detailed information on food selections and portions sizes, and compatible with your personal preferences. If you will be away from home and unsure of the best food selections to make on the road, we can assist you there too. We can assess travel plans and identify restaurants en route and in close proximity to your destination to create a special travel menu with healthful food choices in order to make selection of meals easier. 

Further, our package options include services to take you beyond food selections. We will teach you basic cooking techniques, easy cooking ideas, how to cook for yourself (and family) without breaking the bank, bulk cooking for weekly meal preparation, how to store and keep food safe, and new recipe ideas in our private cooking classes. Learn to navigate the millions of choices presented throughout the isles of the grocery store where you most often shop and learn how to make the best and most affordable choices, how to read food labels, interpret front of package marketing claims, and compare products during our grocery store tour.  Or undergo a kitchen makeover where we will critique your pantry/refrigerator/freezer items as well as the kitchen tools you have on hand and teach you how to properly stock your shelves so that you’ll always be prepared to eat well. We will even make a trip to the local food bank on your behalf if desired.

Whatever your nutrition and performance goals are, we can help you get there.